Modern Mixed Media


Learn how to confidently combine watercolour with mixed media to create abstracts, textural pieces, and botanical artworks.

Next session will be in September/October 2024!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Ready to create gorgeous mixed media art without feeling intimidated by the blank paper?

Modern Mixed Media is my much-loved 6-week online art course designed to bring freedom and confidence to your creative practice. Imagine splashing paint, making marks, and trying new things—all while learning about contrast, repetition, negative space, and other essential design skills. That's what Modern Mixed Media is all about!

Explore colour, play with pattern, build up texture, add botanical motifs, and more!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an absolute beginner or have worked with mixed media before; this course is for anyone who wants to connect with and nourish their creativity.

Come inside the course!

Join over 2,000 students who have already ventured on this creative journey, discovering the joy of creating beautifully layered pieces with watercolor and mixed media.


Inside this course, I'll guide you through...

How to use mood boards, sketchbooks, and warm-up exercises to loosen up and bring more of yourself into your art.

My step-by-step approach to choosing colours and composing a harmonious colour palette.

Creative ways to bring depth and texture into your work using mixed media supplies such as pastels, pens, gold leaf, collage, stitching, and more.

Tools and exercises for simplifying your work and creating stronger compositions.

Start to finish painting projects that are focused on core skills such as using contrast, repetition, and negative space effectively.

Tips for finishing and presenting your work in its best light. This includes sealing, photographing, and framing mixed media art.

Take a look at the stunning work that has come out of this course. Many students return to the course again and again! It's a brilliant way to give your creativity a boost and establish a regular rhythm for making art.


Hello, I'm Laura.

I'm a mixed media artist from Adelaide, South Australia.

Ten years ago, I picked up a paintbrush. I had two young children, and like many mothers, I felt a little lost among all the nappies.

As soon as I reconnected with my creativity, I felt a spark. I quickly fell in love with all things art. The yummy supplies, the supportive community, and the sense of purpose and satisfaction that came from doing something I truly loved.

I followed my passion and built a beautiful, messy life around it. Things rarely went to plan, but I amazed myself with the things that I could do. From selling my work at markets and cafes to running a retreat in Bali to hosting a top-rated art podcast.

I've also had the joy and privilege of teaching over 30,000 students across the globe through my online classes.

Tapping into my creativity gave me clarity and confidence, and it can do this for you too.  

It wasn't always easy, though...

When I first started painting, the gap between what I wanted to create and what I could create was HUGE! I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities and struggled to know what was really 'me' in it all.

This led to a lot of frustration and some seriously overworked paintings! But I was determined to not only improve my art but also to become a happier and more relaxed artist.

It was only when I slowed down and began noticing what was happening in each session that I began to grow. When I look back now, I realise that there were three things that made a big difference.

And it's these three ideas that underpin the Modern Mixed Media Course.
1: Cultivating a Learning Mindset

When you accept all of your work as helpful, you become open and receptive to the learning that every painting offers. You also let go of the negative feelings associated with bad work, which enables you to actually get on with what’s important—making more work!

2: Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Self

To make art that feels like your own, you need to know what you love and don’t love. This is where things like mood boards and sketchbooks come into play. Not everything you touch needs to be a masterpiece. Small scribbles and scrawls matter.

3: Approaching Work with Intention + Intuition

There is a delicate balance between intention and intuition. Having the freedom to explore is essential, but there is also power in parameters. Combining these two things (play and parameters) makes it easier to learn core skills in a fun way. 

Are you ready to dive in?

The Modern Mixed Media Online Course will begin on March 1, 2024.


10+ hours of Professional Videos

Over the course of six weeks, you will receive a variety of video lessons. There will be warm-ups, tip videos, and start-to-finish painting projects. The videos have been beautifully edited and broken down into manageable chunks. All videos are downloadable, and the class comes with lifetime access. Scroll down for a detailed outline of the program.

Resource Library

In addition to the weekly content, there is also a resource library with in-depth videos about the supplies I use. In these videos, I answer the most common questions that I get asked. From what paper I prefer to how I choose compositions for my paintings, it's packed with helpful and practical information to get you started.

Written Materials

In the classroom, written content goes along with the videos. Several high-quality interactive PDF guides are also included as part of the class. Many students have commented that the written component is just as helpful as the video content in my courses.

Classroom + Community

All content for the class is housed in a private, password-protected classroom. In the classroom, you will be able to watch the videos, read the materials, ask questions, and share your work. There is also an optional Facebook group where you can connect with other artists from across the globe. Throughout the six weeks, I will be present in the classroom and Facebook group to provide support.

Love from past students......

Here's what students are making and saying!

Laura Horn is such a wonderful, enthusiastic art teacher. Her Modern Mixed Media class is packed with so many great techniques and lessons that have really inspired me to excel in my painting practice. 

I love Laura Horn's classes. Modern Mixed Media is such a great way to learn more and improve your skills! It's interesting, beautiful, and full of tips. 

Laura has the rare talent of teaching her loose and pretty style without falling into the step-by-step instruction most artists present. So much of this course felt like a discovery of my own style rather than copying Laura’s work.

This course has been absolutely awesome! I've learned so much more than I ever expected—about art and myself. Thank you for this beautiful, creative journey that you've taken me on, Laura.

I credit Laura Horn for getting me started on my artistic journey when I took her course, Watercolour Explorations, last July. It’s been a pleasure to take another course with her, and MMM has exceeded expectations!

Fantastic course, learned so much to take me forward in my art journey. Videos and tutorials were superb, enjoyed every minute!

What Materials Will I Need?

I have curated a supply list of all of the specific supplies I use in the course; however, please don't worry if you do not have all the supplies on the list! I highly encourage you to use what you already have and mix things up. That’s often when the most exciting things happen!

At a minimum, you will need watercolour paper, watercolour paints, a mixing palette, paper towel, water container, brushes, and a small selection of pens, pencils, and pastels. I demonstrate all sorts of other goodies in the course, but you certainly don't need everything.

Many students enjoy watching the lessons before making their supply choices.

Class Outline

Here's a breakdown of what we'll cover each week on our creative journey together!


Week 1: Supplies, Inspiration & Mindset

In our first week, we'll focus on laying the foundations for your art practice. We'll start by cultivating a positive mindset, exploring practical tips to ward off perfectionism and comparison, allowing you to fully embrace your unique artistic expression.

Next, we'll dive into the process of gathering inspiration. Through creating personalised mood boards, you'll gain clarity on your artistic style and preferences, sparking creativity and direction in your work.

Finally, we'll open up a fresh sketchbook (or dust off a gently used one) to explore the benefits of using it for mixed media experimentation.

Cultivate a positive mindset

Gather inspiration

Start a sketchbook practice

Weeks 2 & 3: Botanicals & Florals

These two weeks are super exciting as we get stuck into creating beautifully layered pieces. To enhance this process, we'll tap into our personal interests through studies and handy reference materials.

Then, we'll focus on colour! You'll learn how to confidently choose your colour palette and adapt it until it feels just right.

To wrap up these two weeks, we'll explore the concepts of contrast and repetition, providing you with core skills as you complete multiple start-to-finish beautiful botanical painting projects!

Build your reference library

Confidently choose colours

Use contrast and repetition

Week 4: Simplicity in Abstracts

Do you find it challenging to know when to stop, often ending up with paintings that feel too busy? If so, this week's module is tailored just for you! We'll explore the world of abstracts, emphasising simplicity to strengthen our work.

Throughout the module, we'll utilise various tools, including a viewfinder, to uncover aesthetically pleasing compositions within larger pieces.

Moreover, we'll explore the importance of embracing white space, learning to be deliberate about leaving enough negative space to create powerful focal areas. Remember, your background plays a crucial role in bringing a painting into balance.

Loosen up with limitations

Find calm within the chaos

Embrace white space

Week 5: Textural Techniques

Texture is something that can make a world of a difference in your pieces! So this week, we are going to give some fun textured materials a try such as gold leaf, palette knife painting, drips, stamping, stitching, and more!

We are going to also follow the classic recycling model of “reduce, reuse, recycle” by using scraps and snippets of whatever you already have and create a mixed media collage.

Lastly, we are going to switch things up and give a new substrate a try! We will see what can happen when you work on raw canvas or aquaboards, or anything else you may have that you want to try creating beautiful work on!

Experiment with texture

Reuse and repurpose

Try a different substrate

Week 6: Finish and Frame

This final week of the course is putting the stunning finishing touches on your pieces. First, you will learn how to seal and protect your work depending on the types of media and materials you used.

Then, do your work justice by learning how to take beautiful photographs to present your pieces in a quality format.

Lastly, you’ll get my top framing tips so you can hang and enjoy your unique creations that you’ve worked so hard on over the last few weeks!

Seal and protect

Take beautiful photographs

Frame and enjoy!

Are you new to the world of mixed media art?

This course includes a resource library filled with handy tips and guidance to jumpstart your creative journey. The program is designed for individuals like you who want to explore and embrace their creativity, catering to all skill levels, whether you're a beginner or have some experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course begins on March 1 and runs for six weeks, ending on April 11. Content is delivered weekly via the Teachable password-protected classroom.

Is this the same content that was provided in previous intakes?

Yes, this is mostly the same content. If you have purchased this course before, please do not purchase it again, as you already have lifetime access to the content. Alumni are welcome to contribute to the Facebook group and get re-inspired by the course during the six weeks.

What type of content is provided?

The course is delivered via pre-recorded videos. The video lessons are accompanied by written notes and PDF guides. There is no live component to this course aside from me answering questions and providing feedback in the Facebook group and Teachable classroom throughout the six weeks.

How long do I have access to the course?

While it is wonderful if you can join in during the designated six weeks, it is not essential. The course comes with lifetime access. Lifetime access means that you can access the content for as long as the Laura Horn Art Teachable School is operational. The videos and PDF guides are also downloadable.

What level is the course suitable for?

This course is for anyone who has an interest in mixed-media abstract art. It is suitable for complete beginners and more experienced artists.

What materials do I need?

You can download the supply list here. Note that the materials are not included in the cost of the course. Please think of the supply list as a guide. I encourage you to work with what you have and adapt the course to suit your needs.

Do I need high-speed internet for the course?

Yes, Modern Mixed Media is an online course. You will need a good internet connection to view and/or download the video content for this course.

Will there be an online community for this course?

Yes, there will be a private Facebook group for participants. You can also use the hashtag #mmmcourse when sharing your work on Instagram and other social media platforms.

What support will you provide?

For the six weeks that Modern Mixed Media is running, I will check in on the classroom regularly. I will, where possible, answer specific questions and provide feedback, but due to the number of students, I am unable to respond to all posts. For technical queries, please email [email protected].

Can I exhibit or sell work created during the course?

If the work that you create is unique and different from the class projects, absolutely! If your work is very similar to mine, I would ask that you do not sell or exhibit those pieces. If in doubt, please email me. 

The course is in USD, how do I know what the price is in my own currency?

The USD amount will be converted at checkout by Stripe (if you are using a credit card) or by Paypal. You can also get an approximation by checking the conversion rate using the XE Currency Converter.

What is the refund policy?

Once the course starts on March 1, I am unable to offer a refund. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions about the course before the course starts.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Next session will be in September/October 2024. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

The course is priced in USD. If you use another currency, the USD amount will be converted at the checkout by Stripe (if you are using a credit card) or by Paypal. You can get an approximation by checking the conversion rate using